The Holcot Village Hall “Youth Wing”

19th March 2019

The young people of the Northamptonshire village of Holcot needed somewhere safe to meet: a potent mix of rural isolation – due to limited and expensive public transport – with peer-group pressures from drug dealers’ visits to the playing field, were creating the risk of a downward spiral of anti-social behaviour and the temptations of drug-related crime. The Parish Council was determined to ‘nip this in the bud’ by creating a ‘safe haven’ environment where there could be more positive influences and activities for the young. Phil Scordellis, Parish Councillor and Chair of the Village Hall Association writes, “Thanks to a £110,000 grant from The Wilson Foundation, a 40sqm extension to the Village Hall has now created a multi-functional area with its own toilets and kitchenette. This ‘Youth Wing’ now houses:

  • the new ‘Holcot Hub’ youth group, with its own games equipment, run by the young people and their own parents,
  • a table-tennis coaching club

AND with its location as an L-shape around the stage of the main hall, it can also be a new spacious ‘green-room’ to enable Holcot to continue more safely with its tradition of large-scale stage-shows. These have been a major source of social cohesion and self-development opportunities for the children as they typically involve teamwork of up to 50 residents – of every social and age group, from 4 to 80.”