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The Wilson Foundation

We aim to:

  • Broaden the horizon of young people in Northamptonshire, with a particular emphasis on the underprivileged or disadvantaged.

  • Support young people on character building trips/expeditions who would otherwise not have the chance to participate.

  • Fund projects that have a long-lasting impact on individual's lives.

princes trust

Continued support

As well as funding individual scholarships and causes, The Wilson Foundation offers continued support to the Longtown project and the Prince’s Trust.

The Wilson Foundation Longtown Bursary has already benefited hundreds of students from Northamptonshire schools and youth services. Longtown is an unique outdoor activity centre in Wales where young people participate in demanding learning programmes, aimed at encouraging and developing their working and inter-personal skills - helping to prepare them for the challenges of independent living and higher study.

The Wilson Foundation has continued to support the Prince’s Trust with funding in excess of £30,000. This has provided numerous new start-up businesses with financial assistance and the long-term support and advice of a volunteer mentor. One of the businesses supported was Catalyst Theatre Arts which offers drama workshops tailored for primary and secondary schools - the founder has since gone on to win the Shell LiveWire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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